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  • Pastor Mark Parsons

The Unseen Ovation

The hypocrite plays for the applause. He wants to stand out with his prayers and fasting to be seen by people. He disguises his self-centered pride with fancy or many words. He portrays himself as a suffering martyr for the Lord, as he fasts. His reward will not come from the Father. The attention he receives from others will be his only reward. The Father does not respond because we use clever or many words…He knows our need…and our prayer will reveal our hearts. May we honor God by humbly remembering His forgiveness of us and then forgiving others.

Reflect on the following:

1. Though it may not be audible, the Holy Spirit confirms the Father’s pleasure when we faithfully trust and obey. There is no greater encouragement than to know the Heavenly Father is pleased.

2. Some may ask, “In what ways does the Father reward us for our quiet acts of righteousness”?

“…your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” - Matthew 6:18b
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