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  • Pastor Mark Parsons

The Saltier The Better

Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink, Hawaiian Red, or Common Table Salt; we need the correct amount in our diet to maintain good health. Salt flavors preserve, but can also be a catalyst that can produce an essential reaction or change.

In common expression, “the salt of the earth” conveys the idea of a good, honest person or group. Someone reliable. Followers of Christ are called to be the Salt that is crucial to the spiritual health of others.

Jesus was describing both our identity and our responsibility. When we lose our saltiness, we lose our identity and abandon our responsibility.

Things to Think About:

1. As “Salt of the Earth” for Jesus, what are practical ways to flavor and preserve the lives of those with which you interact?

2. Why might you hesitate being a catalyst that produces a reaction?

“You are the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13a

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