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Men's Ministry at New Life is a great time for men of all ages to come together and enjoy fellowship and growing in the Lord. It is a time to know God and know His will for man. Come and develop friendships that are built on trust and the Word of God.

Men meet for breakfast, discussion, and prayer on the Second Saturdays of each month STARTING JUNE 12TH at 8 AM in the New Life Office.  Currently discussing topics from the book “The Way of the Wild Heart”.

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for women to know Jesus Christ, experience spiritual and personal growth, build Christian friendships and share Jesus’ love through hands-on ministry teams.

Join the New Life Women's Ministry Book Club as we dive into the second book in the Sensible Shoes series by Sharon Garlough Brown. We meet every Second Saturday STARTING JUNE 12TH at 8am in the Gathering Grounds Cafe in the main church building. 

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SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE STUDY 10:45-11:30AM in the Office Meeting Area
                       August Study is “Trusting the One Who is Worthy”

99 Words
Please join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM in the office meeting area for Bible Study & Prayer

     What do we need to know concerning God’s wrath? Does God reveal His wrath when we experience disasters? This Wednesday in Romans we discuss the contrast of the revelation of God’s righteousness with the revelation of His wrath.

    The revealing of His righteousness is both good news and bad. But the best news is that we need not fear God’s judgment, but there is a condition. Many strive to make things right with God by changing their habits, removing the bad and doing better. Paul shares with us in Romans that that will never set us free.

Join this Wednesday’s study in the book of Romans.

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our mission

The Mission of New Life Wesleyan Church is to Proclaim and Live Out the Truth of Jesus Christ and to continue to grow in our love for the Lord and our love for one another.

We believe that those who commit to follow Jesus Christ join together to live as Family and work together as members of the Body of Christ. Together we are reconcilers, peace makers, encouragers and equippers. We love one another by carrying one another’s burdens, forgiving one another, and together becoming more like Christ.


Clothed in Christ, we are to love as He did; proclaiming Good News to the poor and doing all we can to meet their needs on earth and prepare them for heaven. To live, believing that Christ sets the captive free, and to work to bring all those we can out of the enslavement's of addiction, oppression, and the many prisons that are created by sin.

When we fall, we will be there to pick one another up.

We will learn together how to live lives that shine for Jesus

Community outreach spotlight: mission Marshall

Last year was such a blessing to see the generosity of New Life and the gratitude expressed by the teachers as Marshall for all we were able to do to pass it on. Here is our plan for blessing Marshall this coming school year:
  • July – Backpacks for all 2nd Graders. Financial Donation for Supplies. Coffee Gift Cards for the Teachers
GOAL $750 ***UPDATE: Donations needed to purchase Back Packs, School Supplies, & Coffee Gift Cards for the Teachers
  • November – Christmas Gifts for Foster Children (and Others in Need) attending Marshall Elementary
  • January – Second Half of the Year Supplies (Gift to each classroom of $50)
  • April – Teachers’ Appreciation (Donation to Marshall PTA for Teachers’ Recognition/Brunch)
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